John’s Idea for a parkour park

Parkour is a growing movement in Edinburgh and John Hall wanted The Crags to be a part of it too. Parkour is John’s interest and he’s a coach for Access Parkour who have been rapidly growing Parkour classes all around the City. John has a vision of creating a central hub for parkour next to The Crags.

South Edinburgh has become a vibrant hub of activity with many of the local outdoor spaces lending themselves to parkour training. John said “we want to build it at The Crags Centre because of its central location… it’s also near an existing parkour community.”

As the community grows, John and Access Parkour are beginning to look for more ways to get people involved and this is where John came up with the idea for a central place where young people can try parkour and meet others practicing the discipline.

John wants to build a parkour park outside of The Crags which will in turn lead to a boost in the uptake of parkour and general physical activity in the surrounding area. He has been impressed with the help from The Crags – “The Crags have helped with planning, to finding an exact location for the park.”

The parkour park will also provide a new and interesting space for young people to gather. This is a big problem in cities and Edinburgh in particular. It is common for teenagers to feel that there are no spaces ‘for’ them in a city. The park will help to provide a safer space than any other in the area.

As a “physical movement discipline, based on teaching functional movement skills” the park will increase the awareness and visibility of good, safe practice which is integral to intelligent growth of parkour.

John likes the community feel at The Crags and said “because The Crags is a charitable organisation, they really care about helping people and this is why it’s the right place for us to do this.”

John had an idea… Give us yours.

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