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Gillian’s idea for Aerial Yoga

Need a place to hang from the ceiling? Thanks to Gillian Watt, The Crags has what you need.

Gillian had an idea to start aerial yoga classes in Edinburgh.

When she first visited The Crags, it was love at first sight: “When I found the studio…it had the perfect combination for aerial yoga.”

The idea was perfect for the studio but it needed a lot of work to make it happen. Hanging from the ceiling beams was a new idea to say the least but instead of being scared off by the idea, The Crags embraced it and helped Gillian jump over the hurdles to get going.

Aerial yoga is a variation of the discipline, which makes use of hammocks to reduce pressure on the spine. As a facility open to suggestions about how the spaces can be used, The Crags was quick to support Gillian to install the right equipment in order for aerial yoga to work, making The Crags one of few facilities able to support these classes.

The Studio not only has the right structure to support aerial yoga, it also generates the right atmosphere: “The Studio’s got a lovely view whether it’s raining, snowing or sunny… it’s a real room with a view. It’s a great facility to work in, the team that’s here, the atmosphere as well and it’s a great location.”

Simon Turner of The Crags said: “We were intrigued when Gillian came to us with her innovative idea for the studio. It’s been great to watch aerial yoga go from idea to reality.”

Gillian had an idea that needed a place to grow. The Crags saw the potential in the idea when other facilities didn’t and Gillian now holds weekly classes for all abilities, along with regular workshops and taster sessions for newcomers.

Gillian had an idea… Give us yours.

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